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Development history

source:admin 2018-01-26 09:38:05

Our company brings together a team of authoritative experts, integrates top-level cell therapy programs, and independently developed " Nuclear Cell Isolating Reagent Kit " to provide a perfect solution for the treatment of a variety of cell-damaging diseases. The series of products "Adopose-derived Isolating Reagent Kit " and "Cell Treatment Reagent Kit for Anti-aging" is designed to create beautiful miracles for customers with beauty and anti-aging needs.

 As part of seven strategic emerging industries of China, the bio-industry is the top priority of the country's future development and is another major step for the revitalization of the economy. Based on the existing resources and adhering to the national development strategy, AVIC BIOLOGY proposes higher requirements for future development.

We find the source of life, explore the mystery of the cell, and protect your health with caring service!